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Equality Parade 2014 – info


Equality Parade 2014 will take place on June 14 2014 (Saturday). The march will proceed from the city centre at 3:00 p.m. The exact starting location will be announced soon on our website. Equality Parade will be concluded with the Equality Beach hosted by the club La Playa on the eastern bank of Vistula River (Wybrzeże Helskie 1/5 street).

Equality Parade is the biggest yearly pro-equality event in East-Central Europe. We have been marching the streets of Warsaw for 14 years now to oppose intolerance and exclusion and promote freedom, equality and diversity. You can read more about our 12 demands here and here you can find a brief history of Equality Parade.

This year beside the special finale we have as usual prepared for you lots of attractions and opportunities to have fun and to show that for Poles as well as for our foreign guests equality is very important!

Before and After Party

The grand finale of Equality Parade 2014 will be the “Equality Beach” set up at La Playa. This club will be the final destination of our march and there you will be able to rest and have a good time. “Equality Beach” will be a free-access event where all the participants of Equality Parade can spend the rest of the afternoon, evening and night partying, dancing and watching the performances of the invited artists. It will be a unique celebration, which will not only officially conclude the Parade, but will also be a big dancing feast open to everyone. Beside music and a bar we will arrange for you a buffet with snacks and a chill-out zone drawn up by Barefoot Wine.

We would also like to invite you to a Before Party on the eve of the Parade on Friday the 13th of June at the Warsaw club Mekka.


Pride Festival

Equality Parade 2014 will – as always – be preceded by the Pride Festival consisting of many meetings, debates, discussions, concerts and other various events. All institutions, organisations and companies that wish to contribute to the Festival can apply on this site until the 14th of May. After that the list of all events will be available here.

Equality Parade Guide

There are so many related events that we feel we need to help you navigate through it all. Therefore a month prior to the Equality Parade we will be distributing 5000 free copies of our Guide all over Warsaw. In it you will find our march route map along with the list of all Gay Pride Festival events and special offers prepared for you by the contributing companies and institutions. You can learn more about our Guide here. The Guide will be published in Polish.

Honorary Committee

Every year the Equality Parade is backed by the Honorary Committee. Its members are public figures who wish to show moral support and recognition of our ideas. Among them are celebrities, politicians, journalists and scholars. We are very happy that the supporters of Equality Parade grow in numbers every year. The full list of Honorary Committee members is available here.

Facilities for people with disabilities

People with disabilities who require assistance during the Parade are requested to contact our volunteers beforehand via the Contact tab on this website. Some of the equipment used in the Equality Parade will be adjusted to facilitate people in wheelchairs (the first platform has a special ramp). Additionally, all of the speeches on the main platform will be translated into Polish Sign Language. All participants of the march are requested to read the rules and regulations of Equality Parade attached to our Equality Parade Guide, which will be provided by our volunteers wearing special Equality Parade t-shirts.

Facilities for families with children

During the Parade a platform adjusted to facilitate children will be available. Our volunteers will look after the children. On the platform we will also provide special seats for nursing mothers.

Organising Committee

Equality Parade is a project created by dozens of institutions, organisations and companies coordinated by the Volunteer Equality Foundation. The committee was formed as a grassroots group and is fully democratic. The Committee is responsible for everything that goes on during the Equality Parade. People, companies and organisations that wish to join the Organising Committee are welcome to contact us here. The complete list of the Committee members is found here.

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